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Our Frequent Asked Questions

1. How do I set up Kisomo Account?

Answer: Open Kisomo App, go to the “Profile” page and click on “SIGN UP”. Provide the necessary information including a valid email address.
Make sure the email address is valid since you need it for verification.

2. How to verify my Kisomo Account?

Answer: Open the email address you entered in the sign up process. Go to your inbox and look for an email from “Kisomo App” click on the link provided there and your account will be verified!

3. I can't see my verification email.

Answer: If for some reason, you can’t see your verification email, there might be some minor mistakes that an email might be falsefully classified as spam email.
To overcome this just go to your spam box and you will find it there. You will have done us a great favor if you also mark it as “not spam”.

4. How do I buy Membership?

Answer: Go to the membership page, choose the membership package you want to purchase. You need to be logged in to proceed with payment.
Read the instructions on how to pay, follow them and you are done.

5. How to Pay for Membership?

Answer: Once you select a membership package, you can choose to pay via Vodacom Mpesa or Tigo Pesa. You start by copying the mobile number for the mobile carrier that you want to pay and follow instructions listed in the “HOW TO PAY” drop down view. After finalizing payment, you will receive an SMS/Message from your mobile carrier with the transaction ID.
Go back to Kisomo App, select membership and select you package again then scroll down to “CONFIRM PAYMENT” then enter phone number (the one used to pay) and transaction Id then press “CONFIRM” to finish up.

6. How to apply a Free Membership Coupon?

Answer: Go to the membership page, scroll down to “APPLY COUPON” enter your coupon code and then “APPLY”. You will get a message of “Coupon applied successfully”

7. Where do I confirm my Payment?

Answer: After making payment, copy the transaction Id from the message you receive the go back to Kisomo App, in the membership page select the membership package then scroll to the bottom of the payment instruction page you will find a section to confirm your payment where you will enter the mobile number used to make payment together with the transaction Id.

8. How to know if my Membership Purchase is Successful?

Answer: After you purchase membership or apply a coupon, go to the profile page, scroll down “LEARNING DETAILS” and check for “validity”. If your membership was applied successfully, membership validity will be “valid”.
If your membership was applied successfully but still see membership validity as “invalid”, please exit the app and reopen to and your changes will be applied.

9. How many Kisomo Accounts can I open with a single email address?

Answer: One. Kisomo App accounts are identified uniquely by user email addresses hence one email can be associated with only one Kisomo Account. If for some reason you need to have more than one
Kisomo App account, you can register other accounts with separate email addresses.

10. What is Transaction ID?

Answer: For Mpesa, Transaction ID is the long transaction identification number that comes with the payment verification SMS from Vodacom currently at the beginning of the SMS (Ex. 7CO13INZMEL). For Tigo Pesa, it is named “Kumbukumbu Namba” or “Reference Number” sent by TIGOPESA via SMS as feedback for your payment.

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